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 Time City

     86 -98 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Located in more or less the middle of Canton Road, this property remains the most popular amongst Carlton’s property portfolio, attracting a large pedestrian flow of tourists mainly from mainland China.


After housing SaSa for the past 6 years, this shop is now leased to a high-end watch retailer, Time City, selling watches by Rolex and Tudor. Before SaSa, it was leased to the famous Sweet Dynasty restaurant which was incredibly popular amongst both mainland Chinese and local people in Hong Kong. This is now the biggest Rolex and Tudor retailing shop in Hong Kong where the Rolex principle first demonstrated its latest interior design scheme for its brand. Originally made up of three shops, two-thirds of the property on the right is used to sell and display Rolex watches whilst the one-thirds on the left is used to display and sell Tudor watches.

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4,050 sq.ft

       2556 8082

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