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China Hong Kong Centre

     122-126 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

China Hong Kong Centre is located at the end of Canton Road. Despite being located towards the end, Carlton still insists that there is great potential for it to attract international luxury brands. Some of the most prominent brands from Italy, Giorgio Armani have also established their biggest flagship store directly opposite China Hong Kong Centre as part of the Harbour City complex.

Being one of the first few investors who speculated the potential that could be achieved on this end of the street has truly given Carlton an advantage in witnessing not only the drastic changes in the lease agreements that this specific property has been experiencing, but also the changes to its surrounding area which act as a synergy. For example, the high speed railway linking Hong Kong to mainland China, which is10-min walking distance away is due to be completed in 2015. Such implementation in public transports will undoutedly add to the pull factors when international brands continue to strive for big size and multiple-storey flagship stores.

1898 sq.ft per floor

       2559 6335

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